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JARO Online Store | Pertubuhan Pemulehan Kawasan Negeri Johor | Johor Area Rehabilitation Organisation | Local hand made products

Welcome to JARO Online Shop

Introducing JARO Online Shop

Empowering Disability

Enhancing Heritage


JARO Online Shop is one of the outlets through which the products of its workshops are sold. Income from sales goes towards supporting its operations, the larger portion of which is expended on wages for its workers.


The workers consist of persons who suffer from some form of disability. Because of poverty and other factors, most of them are affected by low levels of education. Despite these disadvantages, many of the disabled workers are skilled craftspeople and make beautiful products. 


JARO products are hand made and, as far as possible, made from traditional materials. By using traditional materials and using them in traditional as well as unconventional ways, JARO supports the maintenance of traditional skills and gives new perspectives to the meaning of heritage.


For example, cane is a jungle plant which is becoming scarce due to deforestation. Cane is cut into narrow strips of rattan that can be woven into baskets and the making of baskets is a very old skill in many societies. However, the Basketry Section also makes rattan chests (one of JARO’s bestsellers) and also rattan photo frames. Rattan weaving is one of the few kinds of work available to the visually impaired.


JARO uses many kinds of traditional fabrics, mainly songket and batik, as well as Chinese brocade, Thai silk, Indian silks and cottons, and so on. Hand woven songket made from silk threads interwoven with gold or silver threads is highly prized in Malaysia and is also produced in India.


In both Malaysia and Indonesia, batik is produced by a wax-resist dyeing method either by block printing the pattern or by painting the design by hand which produces a more luxurious version. As both songket and batik are hand made fabrics, every piece is different and therefore every JARO product made with such fabrics will also be different.


For the customer buying a batik handbag say, the design of the item will be the same as shown in the Online Catalogue but the colour and pattern of the batik fabric will vary. No two handbags will be the same and each item will therefore be exclusive to the buyer.


When you buy a JARO product, you are buying a piece of Malaysian heritage and at the same time, empowering a disabled worker.


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