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Johor Area Rehabilitation Organization is an organization providing training and workplace for OKU’s around Johor Bahru area specializing in custom-made handicrafts and binding services. ‘JARO’ is a Rehabilitation Center and Workshop for the physically, intellectually and visually challenged. It’s mission is to rehabilitate disabled people by training them and assisting them to obtain normal employment, when that is not possible JARO provides them with employment in a sympathetic work environment aimed at giving the rehabilitees independence and dignity.

Founded in 1952, JARO is a non-profit charitable organisation and run by a Management Committee supported by a few staff. It’s main incomes comes from the sale of the products produced by our disabled employees.

JARO’s disabled employees enjoy the benefits of   monthly pay, EPF, SOCSO, meal and travel allowances. JARO has more than 60 employees, the majority of them married with families and school-going children.

Currently we have 3 workshops at JARO. the Book Binding workshop, the Basketry workshop & the Tailoring workshop. All the products made here are sold at our Showroom @ Dato Dr Lim Kee Jin Wing in JARO Building which is a tourist destination.

Rising costs makes JARO increasingly difficult to meet its operational requirements. Increasing income through higher productivity is difficult as many rehabilitees are not economically productive. Thus the need of donations from the general public to assist JARO to make it’s vision and mission possible.

“Help A Disabled Craftsperson Live With Dignity”



“Iskandar Malaysia Social Hero Award for dedicated

Service to Human Development in 2014”

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